Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guess Who's Back... Back Again...

It's me. You probably guessed that.

As per usual, I've been too busy this week to blog much at all.

What I've been doing is this:

*Getting Princess moved back to the Evans farm. FINALLY. Of course in the first 24 hours that she was there, one of the other horses ripped her blanket to hell. Which means I'll be chasing her around 30 acres trying to get it off of her to ghetto rig it back up (cause God knows I'm not gonna shell out another $100+ for a new one!)

*Waiting for all my favorite shows to come back. Like PLL and The Lying Game. And getting hooked on some other real classy ones, like Buckwild.

*Having Christmas #2 at my mom's house. She wasn't quite ready for Christmas when it came around, so when we went there for Family Dinner night last night, she had her whole living room all decorated and it was complete with stockings and gifts (although we got those things on the real Christmas too... I'm not complaining!)

*Harassing Chad to do things around the house. I've gotten him to stop going duck hunting every damn day (although we still have multiple bird carcasses on our back deck because he hasn't decided how he wants to dispose of them yet... don't get me started), but he is still not quite riding the house work train. 

*Reviewing all the good stuff I got in my Vox Box last weekend! I've got a couple more products to try out and then you can expect my review post! You should probably be excited because I got some really good stuff that you will want to know about.

Anyways friends, that's what I've been up to. I just wanted to pop in and inform you of all the cool stuff I'm doing. So you'll be jealous.

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