Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Eternal Battle

When you're a new homeowner with only one steady income, and trying to lose weight, there is always the battle in your mind of:

Do I eat healthy and spend significantly more money, or do I spend smart and go more for quantity over quality?

Lately I tend to lean more towards being budget savvy. Since Chad is only working here and there and primarily collecting unemployment while it's so cold here, so we are really trying to cut corners and penny pinch. What this means is that I am relying more on the cheaper options to keep us fed. However, I tend to feel really guilty about it sometimes. Over the past year I have really been working on really changing my eating habits and cooking more well rounded meals, as opposed to the cheap, easy options of chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, etc. However I am really having a hard time justifying spending the extra money when we have so many other things to spend our money on right now.

I've been trying to use coupons, sales, buying clearance meat at the grocery store, and eating out less, but I could really use any advice and tips that anybody may have when it comes to eating healthy on a tight budget!


Miranda said...

i'm trying to do the same thing so i don't have a lot of advice.

they wonder why america has a problem when food when it is so cheap to eat like crap. and so expensive to eat healthy. it really frustrates me.

i'm anxious to see if anyone has some tips to give you!

Nicole said...

I am with Miranda!

I try to eat smaller portions & lots of fruit & water.

I also look at EVERYONE's sales and go to different places to save $$.

Good Luck =D