Monday, January 21, 2013


On this, MLK Day, I thought I might grace you guys with some of the tidbits that went on this weekend. (Particularly my Adventures in Homeownership)

* While performing my duties as future housewife (ha), I discovered that our stove has a top that you can lift up and stays propped open kind of like the hood of your car for ease of cleaning. My life has been changed forever!

*We bit the bullet and bought a 5 gallon bucket of paint this weekend for our master bedroom (and all it's closets). It's darker than we had anticipated, but it looks really nice. We made the decision to paint the ceilings also, which we may end up changing later, to make the room a bit lighter. But for now Glidden's "Soft Suede" is pleasing us!

*I had a dream last night that there were HUGE wolves in our neighborhood. And the would stand on our back deck and stare at our pets through our sliders. And then one got in the house and attacked Buck, but I chased it off with a yard ornament.

*I'm bummed that the 49ers are representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. I know that they are a great football team, but it's really upsetting to me because I know that we can beat them (because we whopped their asses the last time we played them). I would have felt better if Atlanta had made it, since they knocked us out. Plus I think Jim Harbough seems like a total asshole. I hope John beats him.

*I had Princess' feet trimmed this weekend, and while I was at the farm, I spent some quality time with the little baby cow (aka a calf) that lives in the barn. His mom is a big deal in the dairy cow world, so she's off doing big things in Canada, which means he gets hand fed in the barn rather than being turned loose in the field with the psycho beef cows. His name is Frankenstein and he's quite shy, but so stinking cute! I couldn't get any good pictures in the barn because it's dark like a tomb (and I only have a crappy cell phone for pictures) but this is what happened after I left the barn:
He comes up to the door and moos at you to come back in, even though he doesn't want you to touch him, he likes the company. And hopes you bring him treats... oh Frankenstein, you little bugger!

Anyways kids, that's what my weekend has consisted off thus far. Today I will probably be spending more quality time with my paint roller and chores. Back to the grind tomorrow.

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