Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

For some reason, I just haven't really felt like blogging this past week. I don't know if it has to do with being busy, tired, depressed, or what. But whatever the reason, I haven't made it online to write... or read blogs either.

*I joined back up on Weight Watchers at the end of last week. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me to be able to eat what I want while still holding myself accountable. Fingers crossed I don't slack on my point tracking!

*I have a girl coming to look at Princess next week to potentially buy her from me. She's in 4H and a friend of mine recommended her to check out Princess.

*I really wanted to get the painting done in our master bedroom this weekend. But Chad's priorities we a bit different than mine, so he's been duck hunting all weekend. And for some reason I just don't feel like doing all the work by myself.

*I'm dying to see the movie "Identity Thief". 

*We are almost out of dry wood. Probably because SOMEONE started burning in October as though we have some sort of magic firewood fairy that will show up in the night and refill the woodshed.

*Only a couple weeks until my big trip chaperoning the bell choir trip to Disneyland! While I'm excited to visit the Magic Kingdom, I am dreading the drive down. Anybody know any good road trip games that are good for kids AND adults (and I don't mean that crappy alphabet game)

*I never thought I would turn into one of those Harry Potter fans that needs to pin EVERYTHING Harry Potter I see on Pinterest. But alas, I am one of those die hards.
Source: via Carly on Pinterest

*Chad's mom and future step dad just bought his grandma's house and re did the whole kitchen and turned it into this amazing space for only $4500 and I am so freaking jealous I can hardly stand it.

Anyways, those are my random blurbs for the time being, just to let you know that I'm still alive.


Nicole said...

I want to see that too! I've been waiting for something good to finally use my gift certificates I got for Christmas!

I want to join WW too! I've just been in a funk and not doing much of anything! You can totally do it!


Miranda said...

good for you rejoining ww. i had to quit because of the money. but i'm trying myfitnesspal. and damn, i had to repin that HP pin. :)