Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Disney bound!

Well my friends, I am coming to you for some advice about this little trip I have coming up in the next couple weeks.

You can bet your sweet tush I'm talking about the Magic Kingdom!
Unfortunately, the reason I am going to Disneyland is to chaperone the trip with the younger bell choir at my church. This means MANY hours all crammed into a 15 passenger van. And the ages range from I think 6th grade all the way up to seniors in high school, plus myself and my friend Angela (who's in her 20s) and our director (whose age will NOT be disclosed on this blog). 

So, what I want to find out from you guys is
A) what kind of car games do you recommend that will be entertaining for people of all ages
B) Any specific eateries you recommend inside the Disney parks, or around them (we're staying at a church in Anaheim, so we'll need lots of ideas!)
C) Any "experiences" you think I NEED to do? This may be the only time I get to go as an adult so I want to make it worth it!

Thanks for the tips kids, I appreciate it!

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Kristine said...

First of all, we both know that I'm extremely jealous of this trip you're taking and I wish I could chaperone with you :)
Second, there's some pretty good places to eat near the Angels Stadium. There's a Mexican restaurant near there that was bomb dot com but, of course, I can't recall the name.
I would totally bring catchphrase. Call me crazy, but I feel that would help pass the time... if you can handle people yelling out the answers.