Monday, February 4, 2013

My Thoughts on the Super Bowl

I know I can't be the only person who was SO STOKED that the Ravens won yesterday, right? 
Chykie Brown is CLEARLY on the same page as me.

Honestly, it's not like I'm a huge Ravens fan in general, but I think Ray Lewis and his bionic arm really needed this win in order for him to be able to retire without regrets.

Plus I think Colin Kaepernick and Jim Harbough are both assholes.
Kaepernick is just SUCH a tool...
Good thing he loves himself so damn much... God knows nobody else does... douche.

And Jim Harbaugh is so dang angry at life (and I've heard he's not a very nice person in general, but what do I know?)
Oh Jim, I'm really glad this is one of the first pictures that shows up on Google when your name is searched for...

Anyways, we watched the game at our house this year and borrowed Dustin's TV, since he didn't want to carry our monster HDTV up from the basement (since it definitely isn't one of the fancy slim ones... it weighs as much as Chad's gun safe), and I made salmon dip, nachos, and pizza and booze.

Too bad I ate WAY too much bad food and ended up throwing up before the night was over... I only had 2 drinks too. Ugh... my own damn fault for overindulging I suppose.

Anyways, now the countdown is on for the Seahawks season to start again. Can't hardly wait!


Miranda said...

HATE Pumpkernickel (that's what we call him) and that coach. so glad the right brother won!

A Country Girls World said...

DIE HARD RAVENS FAN RIGHT HERE!!! I am ok with Jim Harbaugh but I hhhaaaattttteeeeee Kaepernick ... he is def. a tool!