Monday, March 18, 2013


Some of you may have noticed that I've been fairly MIA these past couple weeks.
There's no specific reason for it, honestly. I just needed a break from putting so much blog pressure on myself. I know that may sound incredibly stupid, since it's not like I have sponsors to worry about or some huge list of followers. But somehow my blog turned away from being something for me to share my thoughts on to something that I felt NEEDED to be written. I found myself stepping away from my real life in order to tell my blog followers about what the heck I felt like doing.

I can be such a tool sometimes.

With that said, I have started being a bit better about taking pictures of what I do with my time, so when I DO take the time to blog, I have actual things to show you aside from what I may have eaten for dinner.

Here's a few things that I have managed to capture in the past couple weeks:

Snuggling with Buck 

Feeding Frankenstein 

Having some barbecues 

Feeding on the farm. 

Um... watching this happen...

 Sneaking up on the kitty.

Playing with this little fella (yes, he's roasting a marshmallow on the barbecue) 

Loving where we live. 

Watching the boys watch Supercross on little dirtbikes.

Yep, just a glimpse into my life lately. I've also been trying to work out, selling stuff on Craigslist, starting to figure out a wedding budget, and working like a dog. Oh, and pinning things on Pinterest. The important things in life.

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Lin said...

Rest assured you're not being a tool. We all do it. Hell, I feel the 'pressure' at least 2x a month haha. Glad you stepped away & had some real life fun.