Sunday, June 30, 2013

Adventures in Petsitting

Some of you may remember this picture I shared a couple weeks ago:

Well, that hole has now expanded to cover my mom's whole dining room ceiling, part of that wall in the background, and into her bathroom. The water damage from her upstairs neighbors' broken water pipe has turned my mom's condo into a full on construction site practically. So my mom's insurance company has put her up in a hotel until it's all done.

Which means SOMEONE (aka Chad and I) are pet sitting. Luckily my mom's insurance pays for pet boarding, so we're getting paid a pretty penny for this task.

Meet our charges:

Otis (the 17 pound chunk of a cat)

Otis is a sweet cat, but VERY pushy. And my cat is NOT a fan of him. She will growl and hiss at him, then take off running and he trots after her every time, apparently thinking it is some sort of game.
 My only complaint about him is that he poops A LOT (seriously, his poop is the size of a big dog poop) and he doesn't care to cover it up in the litter box. 

Puff (the grumpy old man)

Puff is a mean old man, but he's been relatively well behaved. Sure, it takes him WAY too long to find the perfect spot to do his deed in the yard, but he mostly sleeps all day (he's approximately 95 years old).

Jasper.... Jasper Jasper Jasper. He is SUCH a sweet guy. But sweet lord, he can be STUPID. One of his more common traits is that he likes to walk under the other dogs while they're peeing, which ends with him smelling like pee. He also has a bit of separation anxiety, I guess you could call it. 
We don't let Puff and Jasper sleep in the bedroom for a few reasons. 1) Chad has a hard enough time dealing with Buck sleeping in the bed, so two extra bodies in the bed is a no go, and 2) they aren't the perfect pets when it comes to being house trained.
Back to the point at hand. We close the dogs in the family room at night. After about the 3rd night of this separation, Jasper had enough. We woke up in the morning to find that he had done this to our nice, pretty, lacquered pocket door:

I'm sure it really doesn't look that bad to you folks, but we were NOT happy. There was wood chips all over the place and it was just such a mess. Jasper is really lucky Chad didn't kill him when he woke up and found it.

Anyways, so far the only casualty has been the family room door, so we aren't doing too bad. And the money we're making will easily buy us a new door (and maybe make our whole house payment, by the time her damn condo is ready!)

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Nicole said...

I think I would gladly take that nice chunk of change and look over the door lol but seriously how do you do it!? That is a lot of personalities you got going on there.