Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love is in the Air

This weekend was the first wedding of the summer for me. My cousin Brian finally married his high school sweetheart (and prior fiance!) after 30 years. 

I guess Brian and Joy had been dating when my mom and dad first started seeing each other 30 years ago. Then something happened and Brian and Joy split up after having been engaged (her wedding dress was the same one she made back when they were engaged for the first time) and they stayed friends all this time. 
Brian and his ex wife Kim have been split up for a long time, and then I guess Joy and her husband were having problems and things just ended up falling back into place and they finally took the plunge that they couldn't take when they were younger.

I think it's a great great love story and I was so glad that we were able to be there with them.

That was the only real excitement of my weekend. After we got home from the wedding, we went and hung out with my favorite little man Mason, riding bikes and playing video games.
Mason's Mimi and Bop (grandma and grandpa) got kittens and he says "take a picture of me with the kitty!" Love him.

Today I spent some time at the river with my sister, brother in law, and the dogs, worked out twice, and did chores. 

Back to the grind tomorrow.

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