Monday, July 8, 2013

Save Yourselves!!!

I've been laid up all weekend with an really inconvenient cold-plague hybrid.
I've taken 5 naps in the past 72 hours, drank half a bottle of Nyquil, used a full box of Kleenex (the big box, not the little square ones), and eaten chicken soup for breakfast two days in a row. 

Anyways, that doesn't really explain why I haven't blogged for a week, the explanation for that is that I just haven't really done anything exciting.

Here's a brief recap:

4th of July
Got up early to go run my second 5k of the year at the big Carnation 4th of July extravaganza. My time was about the same as the first one I did, but I ran farther distances without stopping to walk, so that was good. I know I could have done better, but my running buddy Greer and I had a few other friends running the race and she ended up sticking with them (who are significantly faster than me) so I didn't have anybody with me to say "hey fatty, that's enough walking!" so I walked longer than I really needed to. 
After the race, the 5 of us went to breakfast, then I went home and took a victory nap.

Then Chad and I went down to spend the afternoon with Dustin and his parents. We have a lot of friend who live on that street and there is always a big block party.
Our friend Zach washed up the old John Deere to take all the neighborhood kids on a ride.

The Rest of the Weekend

I think I made it pretty clear that I spent the rest of the weekend just sleeping off this damn cold, or at least trying to.

With that said, here's a picture of the strawberries growing in my garden:

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