Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fishin' for a Livin'

This weekend was pretty mellow and fun. 

Friday night, Chad and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get some fishing lures for a fishing competition we were going to on Saturday. Chad even took me to my favorite restaurant, Chang's Mongolian Grill!

Anyways, Saturday morning we got up kind of early and went to meet up with Chad's dad and his girlfriend to head up to the lake.

Things didn't go so well for me... I didn't catch anything. Except a couple good shots of a mama duck and her three little ducklings

It was a $20 buy in, and there was the opportunity to win $100 each for 3 different categories... biggest trout, biggest bass, and most fish caught.

We were going for bass, since that's what we normally do when we go fishing, plus most of the other people were just trout fishing. Since I wasn't catching anything, I eventually just sat back and let Chad do all the casting where he wanted to. We had 5 minutes to go and Chad had caught a couple smaller bass (1.5 pounders mostly) and we knew the other boat that was bass fishing had caught almost a 3 pounder. Anyways, Chad cast out with 5 minutes left and hooked up to a big mama fish that weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces (not as big as my fish last weekend, but we can't all be as awesome as me).

In the end, Chad tied with his dad's girlfriend for most fish caught, and she won for biggest trout and Chad for biggest bass, so they each walked away with $150.

Maybe when Chad is slow at work, I'll just tell him to go scout fishing competitions and we can keep ourselves afloat that way, ha.

That was really the only exciting thing this weekend. Today I spent my time grocery shopping, laundry, weeding, and doing dishes.

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Kristine said...

Did chad dye his hair again? Or is he just styling it differently? ;)