Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Stuffies

This weekend was fairly mellow for me, but still pretty awesome.

Saturday I worked a few hours at what is called the "Bike Rodeo" in Snoqualmie Ridge, which is essentially a day for kids to learn about bike safety and whatnot. There is all sorts of fun stuff going on (face painting, bouncy house, etc) and our company has a table every year giving out free popcorn. Normally I avoid those kinds of things like the plague, being as that I don't like children, but it was actually quite enjoyable. It was fun to see the cute kids and dogs and stuff, and an easy way to make a few extra bucks.
After that, I spent some time with my mom learning how to clean this damn pond on our front yard. And then my mom managed to unearth some magical treasures in our garage, including this bad boy
VIntage Lite Bright! Don't hate.

Then today Chad and I got up and headed up to Lake Alice to get some fishing in.
My first cast brought me by first bass of the year!
Little guy, but I'm clearly very proud (don't judge me on my lack of makeup... and shower)

Then two casts later, came this beast
This is my biggest fish EVER. 3 pounds 13 ounces. Let's just say that not only did I think my pole was gonna snap in half, but I thought I was for sure gonna be pulled into the lake (I don't have real great balance in the boat). 
Chad is a really proud fiance about this one... he's been going around showing it to everybody and telling them all about it.

Then we had to get off the lake to have a late lunch at his grandma's house, but before that, his cousin Ryien stopped by with his dog Bear.
I love this dog... he's less than a year old, but SO mellow and gentle. And pretty damn cute.
And Buck is pretty selective about his friends, but Bear is one of his faves.

Just a couple of hound dog cousins sniffin' away in the yard!

Anyways, my weekend is now about to end with bell choir rehearsal, dinner, and hopefully a movie with my love.

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