Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Weekend Ever

I can't lie, this weekend rocked my world.

It all started on Friday night when Chad and I went to meet up and celebrate the BFFL's birthday. It was SUCH a blast to finally get to spend some time with her and other friends that I never get to see anymore. Damn me to hell for forgetting my camera though...

Saturday, I discovered that Chad's boyfriend Dustin was going to be gone for the whole weekend, which meant that I got him ALL TO MYSELF. So we got up and headed out to do some fishing. It was really slow to start out, but finally it started heating up. Chad caught a couple little guys, then I caught a couple little guys. Then we finally hit the jackpot. Chad got a 3 lb large mouth, then a 3lb5oz one, and then I followed that up with a 4 pound 2 ounce beast of a fish! That beat my all time record (and Chad was pretty jealous that I got the monster of the day). 

[insert picture here... if I ever remember to get Chad to send it to me from his phone]

Saturday night we headed out to celebrate our other friend Chris' birthday. We hadn't hung out with them for a long time too, so there were lots of laughs and good times.

To cap the weekend off, Sunday morning was the first river float of the year!
Remember this bad boy that Sister got me for Christmas?
Well she had her maiden voyage on Sunday afternoon.
It was a rough start to the day, because we got the thing blown up and discovered that it already had a hole in it right out of the box. And it happened to be right on a seam, so it makes it a real pain in the ass to patch. Anyways, we finally get it blown up and patched (all while listening to Chad cry about how terrible it is and what a horrible investment it was, blah blah blah) and strapped to the truck (it was way too big to fit in the bed of the truck) and take off. We get about a block before it flies off, slams on the pavement and scrapes along behind us for about 5-10 feet. Enter two more scrape holes. After patching those suckers up, we FINALLY hit the water.

It was a really good float. There was no drama, I didn't get sunburned, I didn't get drunk, and I had energy leftover afterwards to enjoy the friendly barbecue we had afterwards.

Overall, it was a really great weekend for me. I think it was a combination of spending time with friends that I miss, getting a lot of couple time with Chad, and generally being able to enjoy the sunshine.

I hope everybody else had as great of a weekend as I did!

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