Friday, July 26, 2013

I Got 99 Problems

But a witch ain't one!
No, but seriously, I LOVE Halloween. But that has nothing to do with this post.

I'm talking weight loss problems, that aren't real problems.

Such as having to shower twice a day because your workouts leave you so sweaty you can't stand to be in your skin anymore.
And having SO much laundry to do because you're working out at LEAST once a day (twice a day sometimes) and you're broke as a joke, so you gotta get your workout clothes smelling so fresh and so clean clean so you can sweat it out again.
Or suddenly realizing that you're going through your Grey's Anatomy DVDs so fast that you're going to run out of episodes before your next season gets here because you're spending 75 minutes a day attached to your elliptical in front of the TV.

And the ADDICTION. Seriously. Now that I'm finally seeing results on the scale, I can't help but think about my workouts ALL. DAMN. DAY. I know that might sound a little unhealthy, but it can't possibly be any healthier than a 26 year old girl tipping the scales at 200+ pounds.


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