Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Bitch...

Mondays. Are. A. Bitch.
But only sometimes. Like yesterday.

I go to Starbucks at lunch to get a latte and a protein plate. Realize as I'm in line that I left both my debit card AND my credit card in my coat pocket from Sunday. No big, I have a gift card! Nope. Sitting on my desk. Nothing quite like being stuck in the drive thru line, having to tell the girl "sorry, I left my money elsewhere" and waiting until the people in front of you get their drinks so you can drive away, since there are already people in line behind you.

Heading back to work from lunch. A bird flies into my car. Scares the hell out of me, and then goes flying off into the bushes. Now I'm plagued with guilt.

Comes into my closet while I'm getting dressed and pees, right in front of me, on my Northface jacket.
I whack her. She falls over. Still peeing and spraying it all over the place.
She's grounded.

Today is another day.

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