Thursday, August 22, 2013

World Adventures

Sooo about my blog.

Anyways, ever since my birthday surprise failure with Chad, I've actually had other things going on. 
I officially hit my 20 pound mark for losing weight (BOOM!)
My cousin Matt got married

And it was family vacation time!

The 5 of us (Mom, Sister, Brother in Law, and Chad) along with our 3 dogs, packed up and headed down to Pacific Beach for 5 days in a rental house for some relaxation on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Since nobody wants to hear about every minute of every day, I will just sum it up for you.

There was no cell service, and we didn't know where the house was.
My brother in law slammed his truck in reverse at a stop sign out of frustration and backed right into Chad's car (which put Chad in a bad mood that he still hasn't snapped out of).
We walked on the beach, went to the Quinault Casino, ate great fish and chips at a little dive bar, played games, had some beverages, and enjoyed each others company.

I will only share a few pictures with you, and yes, they are instagram pictures (oh, btw, I finally got a new phone before we left, so I no longer have to carry a phone AND a camera).

I would REALLY recommend this company to anybody. It is called Pacific Beach and Beyond and we had a whole house, two king beds and one queen. The view was lovely and it was within walking distance of beach access.
We found it on the Home Away site (where you can find vacation/rental houses ANYWHERE).

Oh, PS: you may or may not have noticed my new blog layout. Kelly at Kelly's Avenue Designs hooked me up. And she is going to give any of my readers a $15 discount if you use the code carlychubbycheeks.

You can thank me later.

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Miranda said...

aw i love the new look! especially the background! and congrats on the losing weight girl! i've been struggling this past few weeks (going back on old habits) but you have inspired me to keep going :)