Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Current Faves

As I'm sure you have noticed, I haven't been very diligent about blogging lately. I've just got so many other things going on that I don't take the time to fill all you people in on it. 

Sorry 'bout your luck.

So I thought I would pop in for a few minutes today to let you know what my current favorite things in my life are.

I don't know what has gotten in to me, but I am about two purchases away from needing an intervention.

(apparently UrbanOG doesn't want people copying their pictures)

Working Out
I know people are probably sick of hearing about my weight loss, but you can SUCK IT.
If I miss a workout, I feel really anxious. I DON'T want to get out of my good habits, and I DON'T want to gain weight back. 
I'm officially down 22 as of this morning, so this makes me VERY happy.

This is probably what I missed most about having a smart phone.
It can make even your crappiest pictures look great.

Bike Race

If you aren't playing this, you should be. And you should play against me.

I posted last week about my cousin Matt's wedding, and back in June my cousin Brian got married. Now this weekend my second cousin Brent is getting married, and the following week my lady friend Morgan is getting married.
In case I didn't already have enough wedding fever, having all these weddings to get inspiration from is making me REALLY happy.

Wells my pets, that's all for now.
Oh wait, I forgot one thing...
If you're wondering where I'll be tomorrow, you can find me in Century Link field, front row, end zone

Watching my boys whoop some Raider ass.

Super bowl 2014, the 12th man is coming for you!!!!!!

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