Friday, August 30, 2013

Inside the Clink

Most of you are already aware of my severe fandom of my Seattle Seahawks. 
One person who is especially aware of this would be my boss.

So, as a gift to me, she gave me her tickets to the Seahawks vs Raiders preseason game for last night, since she knows I've never been before and she thought I needed to experience it at least once. And last night was the night.

Now, I really DON'T do crowds. 
In general, this is my feeling

So I was a bit concerned regarding traffic and crowds and lines and rude people.
Especially because not only were the Hawks playing in Seattle, but so were the Mariners AND the Storm. Three teams. Three stadiums. About 5.7 billion cars on the road.

Then the hunt for parking... most of the signs said $40, $50... but we managed to find $35 parking. Holy balls.
But it was a pretty straight shot to the stadium and not a far walk, so it was okay.

Honestly, as soon as you step through the gates you are hit by this serious intensity and excitement.
Blue Thunder standing on the steps. I mean, what can REALLY get you more pumped up than a badass drumline?

The seats were EPIC.
It seriously felt like we could reach out and touch someone. 
Chad could LITERALLY see down the tops of the Sea Gals. What more could a guy want?

Although for being the loudest stadium in the NFL, I was surprised by how NOT loud it was. I suppose that is probably because it's preseason and the REAL screamers weren't there (they're saving their limbs for when they have to sell them to pay for regular season tickets), but I was a little underwhelmed by the noise level.

The biggest problem I had, though, was not knowing where to watch! I mean, I wanted so desperately to just watch the field, but sometimes (especially when the play was way down by the other endzone) I couldn't really tell exactly what was going on. So then I'm watching the screen but also wanting to see the epic catches on the field in front of me.

Overall, it was an awesome experience.
Would I go again sometime? Absolutely... assuming the tickets were free again. I mean, I ended up spending $80+ on parking and food alone. 

Oh, PS: we also shared the stadium with one Snoop D-O-double G last night

Too legit to quit.
Happy Friday.

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