Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NSV = Non Scale Victory

I told you guys I'd be back! Two days in a row... chicka WHAAAAAA? 

Anyways, there comes a time during weight loss that you come across little things that help you realize how far you've come that have nothing to do with the number on the scale.
Hence the term Non Scale Victory.

For me, it was two very special pairs of jeans. 
My running friend Greer gave me a pair of jeans a couple weeks ago that she thought might fit me that she was getting rid of. The size said 31, and the jeans that I have been wearing the past few months (okay, let's be real, the past 6-9 months) have been 33s. 
So, when I got home from her house, I put them on just to see how far I had to go before they would button. About an inch, inch and a half.

Fast forward a couple weeks.
I'm getting ready for work and I looked at my jeans, the ones I have been wearing for the past 6 months. They are wearing out, they need to be patched a couple places. So I go to my closet, open my drawer, and see a pair of jeans that I used to wear ALL the time. A pair of jeans I loved but haven't fit me in probably a year and a half. 
Just for shits, I pull them out. Put them on. They button and zip.

I was in shock. So, I decide to get REALLY crazy and go grab the jeans Greer gave me.
They ALSO button with ease! 

This is something really important for me I think. I tend to focus 98% of my attitude on the number on the scale. Don't get me wrong, I've noticed little changed in my body, like my face looking slimmer, and my butt getting smaller. But I never know if that's just because I'm losing weight, so I MAKE myself see those things in the mirror, or if it's real life. So being able to fit into smaller clothes is a great reminder that I am actually accomplishing something.

Other non scale victories recently:

*being able to bend down to paint my toenails without my big belly being in my way.
*putting my watch and tennis bracelet on without feeling like I'll lose circulation
*my engagement ring being a bit loose, even when my hand is swollen from workout out

Any good NSVs that you guys have had in your life that remind you that you are really getting somewhere?

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Kristine said...

You go sister friend!! I think you're gonna win the DietBet! Lucky bitch!