Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weight Loss for Money? Yes please!

Here we are, time flying by, back at another Hump Daaaayyyeee!
Which means it's time for me to tell you about my progress in getting rid of my flab. Hooray!

I don't have any sort of tips and tricks or anything like that this week, just sort of a progress report.

I'm down a total of 30 pounds right now, and I just won the Diet Bet that I was doing! There was only two people who beat their goal, so we got to split the money. I came out with $23.75 on top of the initial $10 bet we had to put in. 
So, I'm throwing $20 down on another game, and hopefully I come out a winner again!

Not only is it a completely realistic way to lose weight (you are given a goal of 4% weight loss over 28 days), but it's nice to end up with some money in your pocket at the end of it.

Anyways, that's it for now. But if you are confident you can lose weight, and have some money to throw down on yourself, I really recommend doing it. I did one game before and I ended up losing, because i hadn't quite reached that place where I was willing to put very much time and effort into weight loss, but now that I'm doing it and on a roll, why not??


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Miranda said...

i did 2 diet bets and actually won one! i'm really trying to save money where i can so it is kind of out of the question for me right now but I think it really helps! And now I just need to work on losing it the without a bet!

good job to you on winning! that is awesome!