Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: Fashion Edition

I've never particularly been all that fancy with what I wear when I workout.
It used to be whatever pants I happened to find, whether they be sweats, yoga pants, or even just leggings. And as far as shirts go, a tank top with a tee shirt under it.

But now that I'm working out on a regular basis, I've really change up what I like to wear.

My staples are really tank tops and tighter capri type pants.
For instance, this is what I wore today:
So hot, I know. I'm new to the whole taking selfies thing too... sorry about that. 
Also, I LOVE that tank top I'm wearing. I got it from RufflesWithLove and she has TONS of cute workout tanks.

Anyways, the reason for my preferences? I'm glad you asked.

In case you're new, working out, especially if you are working hard, makes you WARM. 
So for me, having my legs completely covered makes it that much warmer. Not to mention the fact that if I'm running outside I do NOT want my pants dragging on the ground and soaking up water. That might be one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to what I wear. 
And tank tops really have the same kind of thought process. They tend to keep me cooler and soak up less sweat. And if you're anything like me, a sweaty tee shirt can be, how should I put it... suffocating? For real. I go to take off a sweaty 100% cotton tee shirt and there's a pretty damn good chance I will pull a muscle trying to get that damn thing off of me.

I also prefer tank tops with a built in sports bra. The less I have to keep track of, the better. 

With the basics out of the way, these are some of the items that I am really wanting to add to my workout apparel collection.

If anybody has any suggestions for affordable workout apparel, please share!

 photo 284877b_zps8b820ec3.png


Jill said...

Oh dude, I seriously need to get some new workout apparel... I went on a shopping spree when I first started losing weight, but now most of it is too big. I now usually work out in way-too-baggy tees or tanks, and yoga capris. I also need to get some long-sleeves and pants now that it's getting cooler. *sigh*

Miranda said...

that's pretty much what i wear to work out too. I love wearing capris. I really hate wearing shorts because they always ride up :P i really like that first tank top!