Monday, December 16, 2013

The Truth About Wedding Dress Shopping

It was inevitable that I would have to go wedding dress shopping eventually, what with our wedding date less than 9 months away. So this weekend I managed to get my mom and bridesmaids out to a couple dress stores.

Cut to me being sweaty and miserable.

When you watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress and I Found the Gown, those girls seem SO excited to go shopping. They have grading systems and drag along 48 of their closest friends to see them try on dresses, and then they tell a touching story about how "from the moment I saw him, I knew he was the one, especially when he was there for me through my double arm amputation and sex change!" and how important it is that her mother is there to share the experience with her because her chronic IBS makes it hard for her to go out in public.

Anyways, I should tell you that I really don't enjoy trying on clothes in general, so the thought of not only setting aside 4 hours to try on dresses that are 4 sizes too small for me, and doing so in front of a bunch of people, didn't appeal to me.

There are a lot of layers to wedding dresses, slips, strapless bra/shirts... all of which make me really warm. Which is bad, considering I have serious hot flashes just sitting at my desk in our temperature controlled office. Then you throw in the comments and weird questions such as "so, can you see yourself walking down the aisle in this dress?" (no, considering the fact that it practically took a crowbar and a can of shortening to get me in it), and then I've just about had it.

Anyways, it wasn't a COMPLETE failure. I did get some ideas of things I liked and what I think I am ultimately looking for (as well as a list as long as Santa's of what i DON'T want), but now I have to hit up a couple more stores to see if any designers have all my requirements on one dress, or if I'm going to have to buy a dress and then pay twice as much to get it hacked apart and sewn back together the way I want it.

And now let me leave you with this little gem that pretty much conveys how I felt about dress shopping.

You're welcome.

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lol nice picture! i went to one place and found my dress after trying on 3. i was so happy and i knew it it was the one...just plain & simple and not too frilly! good luck on finding your dress!!!