Sunday, December 29, 2013

Things that Happened This Weekend

This weekend has been kind of a mess for me. I kind of want a do over.

Friday night was supposed to be a fun night out with a bunch of my girl friends. Chad had to work Saturday morning so I was thinking that we would go down there and have dinner and a couple drinks and then be home early enough for him to get a good nights sleep. That is NOT what happened. We both had a lot to drink, he started feeling sick and wanted to leave really suddenly. So a friend of mine volunteered to take me home so he could leave... I really should have left with him. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur... I dropped my phone and shattered my screen (which is most frustrating because I drop my phone FAIRLY frequently when I'm completely sober, so the fact that I dropped it when I was drunk and that was the time it broke really chafes my behind), got home and decided to take a super long shower for some reason, and then felt like trash all day Saturday. Oh, and then Chad and I realized that neither one of us paid our tab that night, which made us both feel really stupid (although we're friends with all the bartenders, so they weren't mad or anything, they laughed about it).
I told my friends that the next time we decide to go out, we should probably just go to dinner somewhere rather than go out for drinks, ha.
Drunk? Nahhhh...

Saturday was pretty useless... there was sleeping, barfing, and eating, and then sleeping again.

Today... MY MY MY.
Those of you that don't watch Seattle football (shame on you!) missed out on a really intense game today. There were penalties EVERYWHERE (including one against the Rams for roughing an official), tempers flaring, and another Seahawks win.
You know what that means?
The road to the Superbowl will run through Seattle.

Anyways, I hope everybody is getting amped up for the Playoffs and ready to start the New Year fresh.

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