Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Legit Resolutions

I am sitting here at home, playing Tiger Woods on the Wii with Chad, thinking about all the things I aim to do in 2014.
I tend to think that resolutions are pretty cliche and nobody ever follows through, but decided that I have some serious resolutions that I think I can (and WILL) handle in 2014.

Lose another 40 pounds. I lost 40 pounds in 5 months in 2013, so I think that another 40 pounds in all of 2014 should be TOTALLY do able (especially since I have this whole wedding thing to motivate me).

Speaking of weddings... Plan, and pay for, my wedding. Oh, and actually HAVE it. You heard it, I want to pay for my WHOLE wedding this year. My plan is not to have to borrow any money. My mom is gonna pay for my half my dress (or at least that is my understanding), but other than that it's all coming out of our pockets. The idea is to start our married life NOT in anymore debt because of it.

Experience life more. Whether it's going new places, trying new foods, or keeping an open mind about things, I want to make the most of what the world around me has to offer. 

Turn our house into a home. Sure, we have some areas that feel like they are ours and are starting to come together, but I still have an overwhelming feeling of this space NOT being what we want in a home yet. We need to paint, get rid of things, buy new things, and customize it in a way that makes it feel like it's no longer a work in progress (although, I don't know that a home is ever NOT a work in progress...)

Run a 5k in less than 40 minutes.My friend Greer and I are already planning our first 5k for March, so we are going to be focused and ready this year to beat our numbers last year (and look DAMN good doing it).

Judge less. Anybody who says that they don't judge other people is a fracking liar. I know I can't stop my thoughts from going where they may, however I CAN stop my mouth from voicing those thoughts, especially in those instances where I don't know someone's life story or what has caused them to make the decisions they have.

So, my friends, those are my 2014 resolutions that I think will make me a healthier, happier, all around BETTER person.

I hope everybody had a fun and safe New Years Eve. Chad is currently out duck hunting and I have big plans to do chores and work out (just another day in my glamorous life I suppose).

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Kristine said...

I just got outta bed (Cory's still sleeping!) and I fully intend on watching hgtv all day

Miranda said...

I am horrible at judging people....i usually start out not really liking someone (yes I said it) and then of course I start talking to them and i now love them haha. Working on judging people is a great resolution/goal! good luck and happy new year friend! :)

Nicole said...

Paying for your wedding out of your own pockets is totally doable! We did it =) his mom just paid for our cake.

You got 2014 for sure ;)