Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting My Groove Back

Back again for another Weight Loss Wednesday.
I haven't had a whole lot to say about weight loss since before Thanksgiving, what with the fact that there hasn't been any actual losing of weight.
There hasn't been any gaining of weight either, which really shocked the hell out of me when I finally braved the scale again after Christmas.

Moving along.

I'm finally getting back into a good workout routine since I'm not spending all my time running around Christmas shopping and going to parties and dinners and bars and eating fried food.
This is the first week that I've been able to make it all the way through my 75 minute evening workout, and my running buddy and I set ourselves back up on a Tuesday and Friday running schedule in preparation of our first 5k in March.

I can't lie. It feels good. REAL good. (except for the muscle soreness, the aching joints, the early mornings running in the freezing rain... that doesn't feel so good...)

In other news, I am on the last disk of my season 8 Grey's Anatomy DVDs, and Mr Feeny was Christina's interviewer for her boards... MAN did he get old... amazing what 15 years can do to a man...

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Kristine said...

Didn't it just warm your heart to see him?! Ugh making me think back to those episodes makes me sad :(

Jill said...

I'm getting back on track this week too! I never missed a work-out over the holidays, but I did eat wayyy too much. And it showed on the scales, unfortunately :( Gained about 5 lbs. But it feels SO good to be back in the swing of things again!!

LOVE Grey's! Mr. Feeny!! Over the holidays I was watching an old Boy Meets World, and my 8-year-old nephew loved it - even asked me "What show is this? I really like it." LOL on to the next generation...

Michelle said...

Way to go on not gaining any weight over the holidays! Mine was 4-5 lbs. ... on top of the 5 lbs. I had already gained earlier in the year. I'm back on track now too and ready for 5K season to begin :) For now, while it's so cold (and I really hate the treadmill) I am doing the 30 Day Shred and LOVING it.

Nicole said...

Mr Feeny! He did look terribly old I had to ask my husband for some validation lol

No weight gain since Thanksgiving is AWESOME! Its so easy to be a vacuum cleaner during the holidays good job!

I am doing a 5K in march too....hopefully haha