Monday, February 10, 2014

Streaming Live

I like my wine from a box, and I like it served in a mason jar glass.

I ordered my wedding dress this weekend and I'm actually in love with it (despite the amount of pain that I endured while actually shopping for it)

I finished season 9 of Grey's Anatomy (the last season on Netflix) and I'm mourning. I NEED to know what happens... I mean, that floozy Arizona cheated on Callie, and Webber gets electrocuted. UGH. (don't any of you bitches DARE tell me what happens, or you're dead to me)
Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I spelled home wrecker wrong. I was blinded by my fury and disgust. And distracted by Swamp People.

I got $31.19 today from Ebates. Just for doing my normal shopping online. Follow the link. Sign up. Thank me later

Snoqualmie Valley School District cancelled school today. For rain. Hi... This is Western Washington... Rain is what we are known for. Granted, it snowed for approximately an hour this morning. But going from 2 hours late to cancelling a whole day because people don't want to get their feet wet? Grow a pair.

To my Seahawks fans out there, please check out Seattle Fashion (aka Twin Vision Fashion) on Etsy. I have purchased two pairs of yoga pants from them this year and I LOVE them both.
Not only are the pants SUPER comfy, they are affordable (compared to what you will pay elsewhere), I got TONS of compliments on the first pair (I just got the second pair last week, so I haven't worn them yet), the shipping is really fast, and when I bought the second pair, they threw in a fun size pack of Skittles. Love it. (in case you didn't catch on, I took those pictures from their etsy site)

I don't know what else to tell you. I keep starting blog posts and realizing that I don't have the ability to put together any sort of cohesive thoughts... so I thought at least this way I could let you know I'm still alive and I WANT to blog, I just suck at it right now.

Side note: We have been watching Duck Dynasty on demand, and they repeatedly show the previews for the new season of Bates Motel, and anytime I hear that song it makes me a little crazy... sort of like norman bates... "mr sandman, bring me a dream (bum bum bum bum) make her the cutest girl that I've ever seen... you're a good boy, norman

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Kristine said...

Oh my gosh they just showed that commercial on lifetime and it totes freaks me out. Though I have it on my Netflix "to watch" list. Right now, when I work out I watch desperate housewives and PLL the next day.