Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tear Jerker

For some reason, I found myself crying while watching TV a bit more than usual. 
Warning: There may be some spoilers happening in this post...

During Revenge, when the dog Sammy dies. O. M. G. 
I mean, it's not unusual for me to cry when the animals die on TV or in movies. But this one was REALLY bad. Not only was it sad because he was such a sweet dog, but Jack's emotion made it that much worse. PLUS, EmilyakaAmanda showed real emotion too.
Buck did NOT appreciate how upset I got... he thought for sure something horrible was happening and got all anxious. I like to think that he knew his fellow canine was at the end of his life.

Then came Pitbulls and Parolees.
Enter Artemis, the poor mama dog left out to die. I wish I could find a video clip of this part, but you will just have to watch the episode to see it. Tia is so worried that there are puppies in this desolate area, so she tries to walk Artemis (the mama dog) around to see if she takes her to them. Eventually the dog starts walking on a mission and Tia is sure that she is going to take her to the puppies. But instead, she walks straight to Tia's van and waits at the side door and immediately wants to jump in and get in the crate. I suppose you have to watch it to understand, but SERIOUSLY. 

Then in the same episode came the wedding of Perry and Tania.
The episode starts with the threat of a big storm and the wedding almost doesn't happen. But, of course, it all worked out and the end of the episode and they tied the knot.

It was a really unconventional wedding, halloween themed (LOVED it), but their vows were so heartfelt that I couldn't help by cry. I can only hope that our wedding is half that great.

Anyways, I just wanted to share those things because... well, I just needed to talk about it, okay?!

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