Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nyquil Induced Wedding Hysteria

This weekend I came down with what I can only describe as some sort of internal animal attack on my throat. Thus, I ended up indulging in a bit of Nyquil the past couple nights in an attempt to sleep away my misery.

And due to my heavy sleeping, I had a really stressful dream last night about our wedding.

In my dream, it was wedding day. I was in my dress, getting things set up and realized that we hadn't done anything for chair sashes! (I know, I know, end of the world...) So I'm running around with my mom and a random box of ribbon, tying bows on chairs in weird colors as guests are arriving. Then, it dawns on me that OMG, I didn't ever call the caterer and tell him what we want to eat, how many people will be there, or even where the hell the wedding is. 

Granted, the dream ended pretty quickly, but I woke up really panicked about being behind on things. I'm sure we're doing alright... we got our Save the Dates out yesterday (6+ months before the wedding), I kind of started a registry, I've ordered my dress, reserved a photographer and chair/table rentals, and have a venue. But for some reason I am starting to freak out about the little things... like gifts for the wedding party and parents! I mean, how much am I suppose to spend on those things? How many people am I supposed to buy them for? Everybody that is contributing (either with monetary contributions, help, planning, etc), or just the wedding party? Should my budget be a direct reflection of how much each of those people are doing? Like, would I spend more on my bridesmaids than I would on the groomsmen, since I don't foresee the groomsmen doing much aside from showing up? Or would that not be fair? What the hell do I even BUY for groomsmen? All I see are cufflinks and beer steins and effing golf balls... not the kind of stuff these boys would need...


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