Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trick or Treating has No Age Limit

This is a really hot button topic for a lot of people for some reason, and I suppose it is for me too.

Is there an age limit on when you can trick or treat?

I don't mean trick or treat with your kids or whatever, I mean when, as an individual, you can go knock on the door of strangers and get candy.

I don't think there should be. My personal opinion is that there shouldn't be any holidays that are ONLY for children or adults. If you are willing to put out the effort to get together a real costume and you want to get in touch with your inner child and go trick or treating, there's no reason you should be turned away at someone's door!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that teenagers dressed up as a high school cheerleader or a 'rapper' should be able to go knock on someones door for their free candy, but if you and 4 of your friend show up at my door dressed as the gosh damn Spice Girls, I don't care what age you are, Imma give you some candy! 

So, tell me how you feel. Do you think that once you're a teenager you should grow up and stop trick or treating? Or are you a fellow kindred Halloween spirit who thinks that trick or treating should be for anybody who still has the drive and desire to put together an awesome costume and take a stroll through your neighborhood?
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Kristine said...

Screw that. If it was socially acceptable to trick-or-treat at our age, I'd totes be out there doing it. And knowing me, I'd probably turn it into some kind of god awful competition where I am shoving kids out of the way to get to houses before them. You know, just in case that particular house is handing out a limited supply of king-sized candy bars.