Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there.
For my mom, I decided to take her out to lunch at Pogacha. I was good and did what the nutrionist told me to do when I go out to eat a restaurant, which is to look at the website and decide what I want BEFORE I get there. Usually that does actually help me make a better food choice. Today I decided to go with a blackened salmon sandwich rather than a delicious, creamy, carb loaded pasta dish. We get to the restaurant only to discover that they have an all you can eat brunch buffet on Sundays.
Seriously? F.M.L.
I panicked for a minute, but then I gathered my thoughts and told myself that I could definitely make some fairly healthy choices out there. They had some fish, fruit, and salads. Sure, I decided to bypass most of those and go for scones, sausage, and bread. But I had the option.
As we were sitting there waiting for our jovial waiter to bring us our water, I hear someone to the left of me say “I’ve lost 5 pounds, and if I gain it back because of this, I am going to freak out.”
Finally, a woman after my own heart!! I turn around expecting that I will meet my new soul sister and we will be instant partners and will tag team this obnoxious flab. Instead, I see the 10 year old version of myself sitting there with her family.
It really opened my eyes to how many young people struggle with their weight. By no means was she a FAT girl like I was about that time, but she was a normal level of chubby for a girl her age. I am sure that she probably goes through the same stress I went through as a kid. Being the fattest person in her class, or maybe just in her group of friends. Maybe she felt pressure from her family to slim down. Who knows. All I know is that at least she is aware that she has a struggle ahead of her and is starting now to make the changes that she needs to make in order to live a healthy life.
More power to you, little girl with the lime green Nintendo DS and checkered shoelaces.

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