Saturday, May 7, 2011

No me gusta.

Some people think that May is the time to start getting their gardens planted, their new summer swimsuits purchased, and kick their workout regime into high gear.
I think May was created specifically to binge on delectable Mexican cuisine.
I mean, sure, you can ALWAYS eat Mexican food, it doesn’t have to be in the month of May. However, things for me really get kicked off when we start to celebrate the liberation of our tan neighbors to the south on May 5th (AKA Cinco de Mayo). From that point forward, it is on like donkey kong folks.
I started this month out by informing my love that we will be attending the festivities are our local hot spot for ethnic cuisine, El Caporal. No big deal, we eat there all the time. Little did I know that it would start off the domino effect of me stuffing my expanded midsection with everything from chips and salsa to carne asada on a week long rampage.
I should have know, as I was sucking down my strawberry margarita large enough that would rival the amount of liquid found in Diddy Dirty Money’s swimming pool (and probably contained almost as much alcohol), that I was getting myself involved in a downward spiral of never ending trips to Mexican restaurants all over our beautiful valley. I indulged in a chicken quesadilla at work from La Fogata, followed by a romantic meal of Tres Fiesta (three times the party!) with Chad at El Cap. I then capped my week off with a much needed lunch date with some friends at Ixtapa.
I clearly fell off the “everything in moderation” bandwagon. Shucks.

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