Monday, May 16, 2011


So I have been slacking lately. In pretty much every aspect of my life.
This is my very first McFatty Monday post and I am kind of excited about sharing my epic failures with the rest of the blogging world.
Last week I was the biggest bum ever when it came to working out. It was pay week, so I was running pretty low on gas, and even lower on money with which to purchase gas. So I didn’t hit the gym. And someone put stuff on my elliptical at home, so I couldn’t POSSIBLY move it and use it. Hate it when that happens.
So I knew all week I wouldn’t really be able to make it to the gym, so I had myself 100% convinced I would be eating healthy all week. Well, that didn’t really happen. Thursday night we went to the bar, and I was FAIRLY good and got my grilled chicken salad. But then Friday is our weekly lunch eat out day at work. So, of course, I decide to partake in a delicious, juicy bacon cheeseburger. With a side of creamy clam chowder. HOW DOES THIS  HAPPEN TO ME?! Friday night followed with pizza. Twice.
Saturday was the second birthday of my best friend’s son, so I was running around all day trying to get things ready for the party. I stopped in at Starbuck’s and got a spinach, feta, and egg white breakfast wrap, which might be the only good choice I have made in the past week. But then I paired it with a full flavor caramel frappucinno. Aw hell. Why not top the day off by having a burger, a hot dog, a cupcake and about 528 potato chips at the party.
So that pretty much brings me up to date. My weight bounced back up to where I started, and I am royally pissed off at myself.

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