Saturday, July 2, 2011

Damn it feels good to be a gangster

My computer was on the fritz yesterday, so my Feel Good Friday post never made it to my blog. So here is what you missed:
I lost 3.4 pounds on my first day of Medifast. The food is weird and some of it tastes like ass, and I am always hungry, but it seems to be working! I lost another 1.4 today. Now I look like this:

I got some salmon for dinner.

I (meaning my dear sweet mumsie) spent $350 at Costco on stuff for my BBQ on Sunday. That is still only half as much as I end up spending on my Halloween parties, so we are in damn good shape. Aside from the fact that it might rain tomorrow, which will just really rub my fur the wrong way. Pray to the pagan Gods for sun!!!

This is a short post, but Chad is working me like a slave driver, and I better not let him catch me in front of the computer, or it’ll be another black eye for me. (Just kidding, he only hits where the bruises won’t show).
That’s not funny, I take it back.

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