Sunday, July 31, 2011

Evans Family Marathon... Let's Rally

So sorry bloggy friends for being so absent this week. I have been quite busy at work (which is when I do most of my actual blog writing) and then Chad’s family is all in town for a wedding/anniversary party. So that clearly meant that, before spending so much quality time with the grandparents, we all had to go out and drink heavily while we had the chance.
                Friday night, we went to our usual haunt, the Riverside. While we were there, Chad’s cousin Clint, who lives in Texas right now working as a diesel mechanic in the oil fields or whatever, came over and insisted we go next door. Where he proceeded to pay our cover and buy countless rounds of Patron. He actually ended up buying the bar out of Patron. Anyways, it was a blast.
                Saturday (aka yesterday) was the wedding. It was at the Bybee Nims blueberry farm in North Bend. It is BEAUTIFUL there. And it is only 15 minutes away from our house. This is the view of the alter… the sun makes it hard to see, but Mt Si is right there in the background.

                The ceremony was great, everybody looked so great in their dresses. Unfortunately I decided not to bring my camera for some godforsaken reason, so you will just have to trust me when I say it was beautiful. Cheryl and Ryan (the bride and groom, clearly) are HUGE Seahawk and Sounders fans, so the color theme was green and blue. Again… no camera at the wedding. However, let me tell you about the best part of the wedding. The tossing of the bouquet. Chad’s cousin and I have been in cahoots for a while about how desperately I need to get married. So she may or may not have turned around and thrown the bouquet right at me. This is it:

                So that was day two of Evans family party rally. This afternoon was the celebration for Chad’s grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. It was held at their church and there was a lot of strange sandwiches and about 6 different pasta salads (thank you sweet baby Jesus). It was neat to look at all the pictures around of Grammy and Grampy Evans that they had up (as well as a few pictures of Chad as a little fella and even more pictures of his dad as a long guy).
                The weekend concluded with me coming home for a brief nap  before going to a barbecue dinner at Chad’s cousin’s house (or more appropriately, Chad’s cousin’s boyfriend’s house). It was a good end to the weekend because a) it was casual and we didn’t have to be fake nice around old people, and b) there was alcohol involved.
                Overall, my weekend was exhausting, but I don’t have time to rest… I have a long week ahead of me while the boss lady is on vacation. Check back tomorrow for some Monday Moanings… I’m sure I will have a lot J

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