Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting

Okay, so I am a huge slacker. I realize this. I had a great post all set up for Monday. But I wrote it at work and had every intention of e mailing it to myself at home so I could add pictures and post it. But then plans changed, the apocalypse happened and it didn’t quite make it to Blogger.
But today… TODAY will be different! I am going to link up for Oh, How Pinteresting.
I have been pinning away like nobody’s business lately. Especially because I discovered how to use Polyvore and create my own dream outfits that I will never be able to afford. First is a wear to work outfit that I would LOVE to have. Of course, I would have to slim down about 5 sizes before it will look even remotely that good on me. Next is an outfit that I might wear out for a night on the town or maybe a cocktail party. Finally, we have just a casual, running around town going to lunch outfit.

My next section of pins are some funny little poster/sayings that I can’t get enough of.

Last but not least, I have a few things for my future home that I found… such as an Alice In Wonderland doorbell, a great idea to decorate a fence with flower pots, and an essential piece of shoe storage furniture.

That is it for now my loveys, but stay tuned for I will be posting soon about my Medifast progress, as well as my walking adventures with my mother (her idea to get us in shape to look smokin hot at my sister’s wedding next year).

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