Monday, August 8, 2011

Hi, remember me?

Well, here is a McFatty Monday post, after a week of me being MIA from the blogosphere… my bad.
I started back up with Medifast last week and it just isn’t working out for me. I mean, the whole idea is good… eat very few calories throughout the day and then a healthy dinner and your body will go all kamikaze on the fat. However, the food really tastes like bunghole. Which makes it hard for me to bypass the delicious food from the burger joint across from my office in order to eat “vegetable beef” stew that looks like diarrhea and tastes like dog food (not that I have ever eaten dog food… except that one time as an experiment…). So I am really REALLY trying hard to stick with it, but I find myself straying. The good news about that is that when I DO stray, I tend to go to foods that really aren’t that bad for me. Like lean cuisines. And coffee. And cheese. I didn’t say that.
That’s all for now. Since I have been so absent from my blog, I better bring myself back into the scene, slowly… kind of like drugs. Wouldn’t want to overdue it.

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