Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Please, stop chasing me with burning torches. I understand I have been slacking on my blogging lately. But I have been a little busy making offers on houses, bucking hay, cooking dinner, and closing down the bar with my late night shenanigans.

My weekend consisted of all of the things listed above. Chad and I went and put in an offer on the beautiful house I showed you last week. We should be finding out in the next couple days if our offer was accepted. Fingers crossed. I also had to go and buck hay on Chad’s family’s farm this weekend. Nothing like wasting the hottest day of the summer throwing hay around for an entire afternoon. As far as closing down the bar, I felt like a real bad ass. That is the second time in my life I have been at the bar until last call. A friend of mine is in town from the Air Force for a couple weeks, so we were going to go down and have “a drink”. Well that drink turned into MANY drinks and a big party basically. Good times.
Anyways, that is my weekend in review. In other news… I am still a big fatty. Ugh, I am back to my starting weight BEFORE I started Medifast. I fell off the wagon when I went to Vegas due to the fact that when you are in Vegas, you aren’t going to be stopping every 2 hours to mix up your pouch of soup or oatmeal. Then when I got back, I kept meaning to order more supplies because most of what I had left was the kinds that I deemed too disgusting to eat. But after looking at myself in the mirror today and seeing STRETCH MARKS on my stomach (DUN DUN DUNNNN!) I said to myself “dear Carly, you lazy pile, get your ass in gear and lose this weight.” I have been the chubby girl my whole life, but never ONCE have I seen a stretch mark on my body. Not okay.
So, that is my devastation at the moment. As I type, I am digesting my disgusting Medifast chicken noodle soup and drooling at the thought of my Everything bagel with cream cheese that is sitting by the fridge waiting for me.

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