Monday, August 22, 2011

and it keeps getting better

Well, my BFFL Kristine decided to discontinue her Monday Moanings link up, much to my disapproval. So I feel the need to just moan without her. That sounds quite inappropriate, but whatever.
Hopefully you all read my post two days ago about how much I hate my boyfriends jet ski and all the things it brings to my life. If not, please read about it here. This is my biggest moan of the weekend. Oh, add to the that the fact that he goes on these jet skiing weekends with his cousin, who is a TOTAL tool, so he always wants to get hammered and talk to "women". And Chad told me once a couple years ago that he would never cheat on me unless he was completely blacked out... sweet. Then I hear from him today that he passed out at the bar last night. Imagine my delight...
(yes, he does drive it around in the bed of his truck AT ALL TIMES)

My second moaning is about my broke ass. I got paid 3 days ago, and I am already pretty damn broke. I have a second job doing bookkeeping for this awesome lady, but I don’t get paid on a regular basis (I could if I bugged her about it, but getting paid $15 an hour working an average of 6 hours per month doesn’t really make a huge paycheck, so I let it build up for a while before I ask for a check). But, I did take the plunge and cut up both my credit cards, so that makes it a little easier for me to curb my spending habits.
No air conditioning in the bar. Not that I spend a TON of time in the bar or anything. But I went to meet some friends after they floated the river today (don’t get me started on how much I wished I was floating with them), and it was approximately 85 degrees in there. No joke. Granted I spend my time at the little div e bar in town, so I can’t expect TOO much, but a little airflow would be nice.
That’s all for now kiddos. Catch ya on the flip side. Or something…
Side note: Please go over to Kristine’s blog and harass her about taking away her Monday Moanings link up. Because it was amazing. Tell her how much of a “beach” your life can be!


Kristine said...

Stupid effing jet skis. And stupid bar for not having AC... it was too damn hot. And drinking didn't exactly help. Shoot.

Faison said...

I found your blog linked with Jamie from This Kind of Love, and after reading the post about the stupid jet ski, I was laughing out loud and nearly woke my fiancĂ© up. Please don't think I'm laughing at you, it's just that I was in a similar situation with a surfboard a few years back. I remember scramming once to my fiancĂ©, "To hell with your $&!@?!€£ surfboard!!!" things worked out in the end. Now I look back and laugh saying, "I was competing over a thick piece of fiberglass??". I hope one day you'll be able to look back on it and laugh (and not buy one ever). Although your post about the jet ski was amusing, your boyfriend's actions weren't, at all. I hope things work out for you two. And if that jet ski causes more problems, you can always turn to Craigslist!