Saturday, August 20, 2011

*&@^&#*& Jet skis!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend has this disgusting love affair with his jet ski. Like, he seriously has to spend as much time on it as possible. Every day after work, every weekend, every waking moment of daylight that isn’t taken up with work. And then, when it is dark outside, he has to talk about jet skis, and watch jet ski videos, and plan where he is going to be jet skiing next.
Which brings me to my current venting sesh. My sister and her fiancé have been planning a big family barbecue for approximately a month. We have known these plans since they day they decided to have this barbecue. Well, yesterday, Chad decided that he would be going jet skiing today with his cousin. Okay… no big deal. He said he would be at the barbecue later in the afternoon. Perfect. Well, an hour after the barbecue started, I texted him to find out when he would be there. He responds with an answer saying he wasn’t going to come at all, since they got a late start and hadn’t even gotten to the lake yet. Great. Whatever. It’s not like everybody at the barbecue was asking where he was. Oh wait, THEY WERE! Whatever.
So, I get home and I am feeling like crap from eating something icky. Or just eating too much in general, it’s hard to say. And I text Chad again, to find out when he will be home. The response I get two hours later is “tomorrow at 1”. Um, WHAT?! So I try to call him. No answer. He finally calls back and says “well, yeah… I was thinking I would just stay down here and ride in the morning and come back in the afternoon.”
Now, normally this wouldn’t really bother me that much. I can certainly appreciate a night on my own to watch whatever chick flicks I want and spread out in the middle of the bed. But I do NOT appreciate getting this news when I am expecting him home, and I am feeling like crap, and really just want someone to rub my feet and make me soup. I expressed my disapproval of this last minute planning to him, as well as my girly emotions that cause my feelings to be easily hurt when he blows me off for his damn jet ski via text, and he has promised me that he will start spending more time with me actually doing things rather than eating and sleeping. Great.
Anyways, that is my rant for the day. Hopefully all of you blogsters are having a better Saturday night than me.

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Kristine said...

I hate Tad for making you sad. So much that I disrespect him and refuse to call him Chad therefore, new name is Tad.