Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A look inside my mind.

Well my friends, I find myself sitting here at lunch with 25 minutes before I have to go back, with no book to read (look for my review of Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me on Friday), so I have decided to delight you with some of my current random thoughts.

  • I am thinking about doing all of my grocery shopping online and having food delivered to my doorstep. Some may call this lazy. I, however, call it GENIUS. I have this problem where I drive to the grocery store, spend 45 minutes in there, and come out with $200 of garbage. I seriously will get, oh, 45% of the stuff on my list, and then fill my cart up with junk, such as candy, soda, various bottles of wine, frozen chicken nuggets (shaped like dinosaurs, might I add), chips, bagels, and 16 pounds of cheese. This is not helping me lose weight, not one little bit. Unless you count the fact that I end up walking from one end of the store to the other about 8 times per trip because I realize that I have forgotten something that I need on the other end of the store, so I have to haul my ass from the produce section back to the bakery to get the 4 assorted donuts that sound really good. You see my issue, I hope. This is why I am not only going to start taking advantage of costco ordering at work, but also going to start shelling out the $9.95 it will cost to have regular groceries delivered from Safeway. I will save that much EASILY by not shopping with my stomach, as well as not driving there.
  • The next thought running through my head is how annoying it is that school started back up again. Normally, I wouldn't care, because I will have to deal with way fewer screaming children in my workspace. However, since my office is located a block away from both the local high school AND middle school, this leads to extra traffic in the morning. Couple this with the construction going on along my preferred route to work, and it leads to me being late. And since my boss has requested that I stop clocking in 2 minutes late so frequently, this is just going to throw a bigger wrench in my morning hustle and bustle.
  • I have noticed that I have way more clothes in my closet that could be used as workplace attire than I ever realized. I tend to consider myself as having 3 or 4 different clothing genres: work, casual, comfy (sweats, etc), and workout clothes. However, I have recently realized that my casual clothes can be converted to be appropriate for work. Take the dress I am wearing right now. Purple, strappy, knee length... looks great with flip flops. However, throw a tank top underneat (so you can't see the girls so clearly), and little cardigan over the top, and some black flats, and you have yourself a modern loan officer outfit. AMAZING.
  • The other thing going through my mind right now is puppies. Now, you all remember the awful story about the puppy that Chad and I were going to adopt, correct? If not, you should read about it here and have some tissues ready. Well, rumor has it, that good old Texas has been frequenting the yard of that rhodesian ridgeback and getting a little bit frisky. Which means that the possibility of another litter of puppies is getting quite high. Which brings me a large amount of joy because, although I think it is irresponsible for these people to not get their dog spayed and allow her to run around like a little hussy, I really REALLY want to get a puppy from them. Stay tuned to find out if I get lucky.
That's all I have to say for now, especially because I only have 11 minutes left of my lunch time, so i should probably try to get a jump start on my posts for the rest of the week. I hope you are all having a good Tuesday!

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