Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lovey Lovey

So I had this really great What I’m Loving Wednesday post all typed up today at work, and then didn’t get a chance to get it posted. SO I guess I will start over and get a late post in today.

I’m loving… the weather right now. It is still super sunny out during the day, but we have the cooler nights and mornings. I love those cool, foggy mornings! However, I do wish it would rain because for the first time in quite a while, we have wild fire warnings here in Western Washington. This NEVER happens on our side of the cascades. It is especially scary with all the awful stuff going on down in Texas right now. (Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect and Kristin at All In My Twenties both had some great posts to fill you in).
I’m loving… that when Buck has been waking up whining in the middle of the night, it has only been because he is thirsty and not because he wants me to take him outside where the wild things are waiting to eat us.
I’m loving… that my work schedule has gone mostly back to normal. We have had some serious scheduling issues at work this summer, but I am finally getting to spend most of my time at my own desk! I am still helping out within our branch on a fairly regular basis, but at least I am in my own branch and not all over the place.
I’m loving… that I have been getting a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping. It may seem really early to some of you, but I hate when it is December and I have to start sliding the plastic in order to pay for Christmas presents, and then taking until March or April to get my credit cards paid off again. So getting a little bit of Christmas shopping done every paycheck makes it a lot easier.
Last but not least, I am in love my new blog design!!!  I needed something fresh, fairly simple, and cute. And what can I say? Michelle over at Shabby Creations provided that for me!!
Those are the things I am loving right now. Catch ya later!


Laurin said...

WOW! Good for you for starting your Christmas shopping! Great loves today!

silvertag said...

I've started my Christmas shopping too. I don't go in stores in December, wayyyy too busy! The new layout is great.