Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Lovin!

Where do I start talking about why I am thankful for the blogoverse? (or blogosphere, as I frequently call it)
I guess I’ll just go in order of how things pop into my mind.
1.     New Friends. While I have never met any of my fellow bloggers (aside from the people I knew prior to starting my blog), I still feel like I know you guys. Us bloggers have no shame in posting everything of our lives for each other to read, and that makes me feel so close to some of you.

2.     New products. There are so many things that I would never know about if it weren’t for the blogosphere. Such as Erin Condren life planners. While part of me wishes I had never heard of these little beauties so I didn’t feel compelled to spend so dang much money on one, I adore it!

3.     Recipes. Thank god for you healthy living bloggers out there who open my eyes to new foods that I would otherwise never have thought to make.

4.     Stories. Of hope. Of happiness. Of tragedy. Of lives that I know nothing about. Everybody out there is so different, and reading other people’s blogs have taught me so much about other people. It really is true that there are things out there that I have NO CLUE about, and still wouldn’t if it weren’t for reading blogs. Such as the wildfires in Texas this year. Or the massive flooding. Or the stories of soldiers and their families. These are all things that I don’t deal with in my own life, and I think it is so great to be able to read about it from people experiencing it first hand.

5.     Support. There are things that I post about in my blog that I don’t necessarily tell my friends IRL. I fear that they may not understand, or they will open their big mouths and tell the wrong people (although I am posting it on the internet…) who may take advantage of the information to hurt me. I don’t worry about that with bloggers. Most of the time when I post something serious, I get nothing but great comments back. And good advice.

These are all reasons why I am thankful for the blogoverse. And all my fellow bloggers (aka YOU).

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Michelle said...

totally agree with you :)