Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brainless Pinterest Post

Since I'm on painkillers at this point and seem to be in an unbreakable tired state, I decided that the best therapy would be linking up for Oh, How PInteresting Wednesday.

Today I'll be showing you some of my most recent posts. 
Disregard that they are completely unrelated to each other. Then again, I don't usually do a whole post with pins from one specific board, so I guess that's nothing new...


I NEED this toilet seat in my future home...
Source: via Carly on Pinterest

This bag is really cute... a little off the wall, but I adore it.
Source: via Carly on Pinterest

Pink lemonade pound cake... yes please.

Blueberry vodka lemonade... perfect summer drink!

Baby Otter. 'Nuf said.
Source: via Carly on Pinterest

Honey mustard chicken with bacon and mushrooms.

Perfect wedding favor for us country folk.

Nice visual aid for weight loss.

No caption necessary

And I'll throw in one cute outfit. Love the color and the boots.

That's it for today friends. Thanks to all of you that have sent me love while I'm laid up with my bum hoof.

1 comment:

Sarah E. said...

I love otters - squee!!! They are so stinkin' cute!

The purple outfit is awesome...and I pinned the pink lemonade pound cake and blueberry vodka lemonade too :)