Saturday, January 14, 2012

Does this Mean Something?

Do dreams really mean something, for real? I mean, people don't have, like, psychic dreams of the future, do they?
I hope not.

Last night I had a dream, it went like this:

It was Christmas. We were having a Christmas part at my house (during which, our friend/bartender Shelli gave my mom new blades for her electric carving knife from the 80s), and there was this kid there. He was kind of a creeper and was hitting on me and asked me for my number. I didn't give it to him, and then waited until the kid was gone and told Chad about it. He was pissed. 
End Scene.

Next we're at a friends house for a Christmas breakfast party. The creeper was there and had found another girl (he is completely irrelevant to my story, but whatever). I ended up leaving a little early because I had something to do, so I left Chad there.
I am at home next, and my phone rings. It's Chad. He starts to tell me that he wished he didn't have to do it over the phone (he had an accent too), but that our relationship had "reached the end of the road". I started bawling (obviously).

The dream goes on to him getting stuff moved out, and I asked him what the other girl had that I didn't have (since he obviously was leaving me for someone else). He said that she was shy, like me, and that her boobs weren't as big as mine. The only thing he was avoiding saying was that she was skinny. 

The dream goes on to a lot of other weird stuff, but that is basically my nightmare. I am so scared that Chad is eventually going to get sick of having a fat girlfriend and just leave me for someone else.


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