Sunday, January 15, 2012

MLK Weekend

I'm here to tell you all about my weekend. It was another THRILLER, let me tell you.

Friday night, I pretty much went to the gym after work (since I was lazy in the morning), and then went to the grocery store to get some food to make chad a delicious dinner (i.e. a boxed meal that all I had to do is add chicken too, ha).
Then, we pretty much just relaxed the evening away, and I watching The Little Rascals, FOR THE FIRST TIME. 
How have I gone my whole life without seeing this magnificent piece of cinematography?? I mean, not only are the kids fracking adorable, but lets talk about all the cameo appearances. The Olson Twins, Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, REBA?! Whoa. I was in heaven.

Saturday morning, Chad got up early to go hunting and I had the whole house to myself, since my mom was working. I pretty much sat around on my ass for a while, before I finally made myself workout. So I spend about an hour and a half on my stationary bike watching Eclipse. 
(This has nothing to do with what I did yesterday, but I am VERY anxious for the first part of Breaking Dawn to come out on DVD. I can barely wait.)

Anyways, after that, I made myself some teriyaki tofu, and tried to take a nap for a little while. Unsuccessful. 
After not too long, Chad got home from hunting, and we got ready to head out to celebrate my sister's fiance's 30th birthday. 
The main part of his celebration was going to the go kart place about 15 minutes from their house.
This was only my second time doing indoor go kart racing, and I didn't enjoy it as much as the first time I went. We paid $30 a piece to do 2 races, each of them was 12 laps. The track is inside, but it's open air (it has big garage type doors to let in the air). The first race, I had a really good kart, so I did pretty well and my average lap time was about 40 seconds. 
The second race was NOT as good. My kart wasn't that good, it didn't corner well at all. And  there was this little girly boy who kept bumping people (prompting the track monitor guy to chase him around with the No Bumping sign) and wouldn't get the hell out of everybody's way. Seriously, we were all piled up behind this douche nozzle and he was really holding us up. So, long story short, my second race I had a slower average lap speed, but I placed higher and had a better fastest lap time.
So that was my Saturday.

Today (Sunday), I fully intend to finish up my chores around the house, such as doing another 15 loads of laundry (working out every day, going to work, AND wearing normal clothes makes a lot of laundry), cleaning the bathroom, and doing dishes. As well as spending more time on my stationary bike and watching The Help.

That's all.


Nicole said...

Yuck Chores! That is exactly what I did today! Laundry, Dishes, Bathroom, & grocery shopping! Now I get to sit on my tush and play on the internet! lol I've only done the Go Kart thing a few times and every time I get the troubled cart so I QUIT haha. Oh well sounds like you had a good weekend =D

Alison said...

Little Rascals is seriously the best movie around!! I LOVE it! I'm glad you got to experience it.

I think I've been to the go karting place! It was pretty fun, but when I went on our 2nd time around there were some annoying people riding around. Sometimes it's all about who is driving with you.