Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If Only I'd Known Sooner...

...I'd be a little richer.

I'm talking Ebates people. Don't know what I'm talking about? Basically you sign up, and then everytime you are gonna shop online, you go to the ebates website, search for the store you're gonna buy from, and it will tell you how much cash back you're gonna get. 
I mean, sure, lots of times it's, like, 3.5% or something, but ya know what? If you were gonna buy stuff there anyways, why not get a little dinero back in your pocket?

I seriously wish I had known about this at Christmas time.

I probably spent $500 at Target around Christmas. Right now, ebates gives you 3% back for Target purchases. That's $15 back. Not a huge chunk of change, but whatever. I'm one of those people that gets super stoked when I get money back.

Anyways, I strongly suggest you join. It doesn't hurt. 

Besides, for every person I refer that joins, I get $5 back! (But I really want you guys to benefit too, I swear it!

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