Monday, February 20, 2012

Ish I did This Weekend.

As many of you can relate to, it was a three day weekend, thanks to President's Day.

With that said, this weekend wasn't that different from many other weekends. 
Friday night I was supposed to go to a jeans party at a friends house. However, after contracting Chad's cold, I spent my afternoon feeling crummy and started feeling the familiar pains of a migraine coming on. So, I decided to stay home on the couch rather than power through the pain and spend undoubtedly large quantities of money on new jeans.

Saturday morning, Chad and I decided to do some cleaning. I made breakfast, did the dishes, and cleaned the bathroom (all before Chad dragged his ass outta bed, might I add).
Once we were both fed, we decided to tackle our bedroom. Remember this sh!thole?:

There was a SERIOUS need to get this taken care of. 
I don't have any updated pictures because honestly it is hard to capture the difference between then and now. Our bedroom is pretty damn small. Even before Chad moved in I barely had enough room for all my furniture. Then you switch the twin bed for a queen and add a (large) dresser and bedside table when only removing one bookshelf, and things get REAL cramped. Not to mention the fact that Chad has about 5 laundry baskets (which he NEVER takes the clothes out of, might I add) and shit gets deep.
Anyways, back to the point. The drawers in the above pictured dresser are closed. I did ALL my laundry. Threw away a lot of junk (and about 15 old water bottles that had fallen on the floor by the bed), donated some clothes that i don't need, and generally tidied up.

After that, Chad went to play with his boyfriend Dustin and drool over the pistol he wants to get (which I am going to surprise him with on our anniversary in April).

Meet the Glock 20, my friends.

Then Chad came home, drunk, and insisted on playing Skip Bo with me. Which was fun, until his intoxication turned him into an obnoxious d-bag that put me in an even worse mood than I was already in. I ended the night in bed reading the second Hunger Games book.

Sunday started with me doing more laundry and more reading. 
Then I headed to my friend Kelli's house to learn a little bit more about the ViSalus shake product that I've started drinking. 
I got some more details about some of the products and mix-ins and got even more excited about it. 
I'll be posting updates on it later on, once I have more updates for you.

Sunday night ended with bell choir rehearsal, as usual. We got music for Lady Gaga's Just Dance, which I think will be really neat once we can get our act together and play it right, ha.

Today hasn't been too exciting. I got out of bed, had myself a raspberry coffee shake, and headed out to InSpa to get my nails done (courtesy of a gift card from my mom)

And here I sit, trying to catch up on all the blogs that I haven't read all weekend.

If you made it all the way through this uncharacteristically long post, I applaud you.


Stephanie Doyle said...

Oh la la, your nails looks so pretty! :)

Greetings from Texas! said...

I'm glad you didn't purchase the gun yet! I'm afraid of what would've happened in the heat of the Skip-Bo/D-bag fiasco! =)