Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ah, to be Young Again

Today I am going to share with you some of the things that I miss about being a teenager.

First off, NOT HAVING TO PAY BILLS. I mean, yes, I had to pay for my own gas. But I didn't have to pay for my cell phone, or car insurance, or cable bills. I only had to shell out money for things that I WANTED. Basically I only worked to pay for things like clothes of my choice (my parents would pay for school clothes that they approved of, but the fun stuff like tight tube tops and jeans that tied up the sides were my own responsibility), or beverages from the coffee stand next door to my work.

Two Words: Drinking Games.
Talk. About. Fun.
A little Kings, maybe some F*** The Dealer... man, THOSE WERE THE DAYS.
Nobody plays drinking games anymore. Well, that's probably a lie. But WE don't. We sit around while Chad talks about whatever hobby happens to be in season while I read blogs or paint my nails.

High School... there, I said it.
I LIKED high school. Seriously. I met some of my best friends in high school. Aside from math, I didn't even mind the learning (I had math after lunch and, despite my best efforts, fell asleep almost every damn day).

Wearing size 3 jeans. *Sigh*

Still being able to trick or treat (at least at SOME houses).

What things do you miss about being a teenager?

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