Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Mashup

Since I don't really feel like doing a real weekend review post, I thought I'd try out Mrs Monologues newest link up.

Weekend Activities
This weekend basically consisted of fishing. A lot of it, actually. We went out Friday night, then Chad went Saturday, and then we went again all day Sunday.
I LOVE fishing. But I hafta admit, I have a hard time doing it for 8 hours straight.

Horse Stuffs
I finally let my horse out of isolation this weekend. I think she's much happier now that she can see her other horse friends and is back where there is some grass. She still has her skin infection to clear up, but Chad and I bathed her (he was SO happy to help, ha).

Dieting and whatnot
I have been trying to get back on my good eating schedule. I made quite an extensive grocery list full of things that will keep me on track. These long weekends don't help either. I do pretty well during the week (with admittedly some slip ups) but on the weekends I get completely derailed. I eat at odd hours and don't have real meals, which makes me feel like I need to keep eating (even though I don't). I've also been trying to get back into a regular workout routine. We'll see if i can get back on track without gaining a bunch of weight back.

House Business
We still haven't heard back from the bank about the house we put the offer in on. It's kind of annoying because while things are pending, we really can't do anything else. We can't put money into our savings accounts, we can't look at other houses... ugh.

Well, that's about all that's on my mind at the moment. I hope everybody has had a good weekend and took a few minutes to remember WHY we get a 3 day weekend...


Just One Breath said...

Stopping by from Mrs. Monologues! I hope things start to go through with your house! New follower, looking forward to reading more!

Mrs. Monologues said...

I feel you on the dieting. I am in this routine now where I lose weight during the week and gain it back during the weekend. So annoying. Not this week though! I am going to fight through it. I have to get better about counting my calories on my fitness pal.