Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Fun Begin...

So my friends, this weekend was the bachelorette party for my one and only Sister!

Rather than a traditional bachelorette party where we go to a bar and get hammered drunk, hire some strippers and basically throw dignity out the window, we opted to be more in tune with nature and rented cabins at Wallace Falls state park.

Honestly, if you live in Washington, I highly suggest you plan a trip to stay in the cabins at one of the state parks. They have power and most of the state parks have bathrooms with real toilets (which were actually surprisingly clean). They were actually more secluded than we had hoped also, so we didn't have to worry quite so much about making too much noise.

I didn't take a ton of pictures, and some of the ones I do have I don't think people would appreciate finding their way to the internet. So, here are a few that I DO have to share.

So there were only 6 of us at this party... we may have gone overkill with the booze. Wait... that's not even possible!

Nothing like a good old fashioned game of King's to get the night started.

The bachelorette!! (this picture is significantly better than the other ones I have of her)

The next morning we decided to go on a mini hike. This was one of the good views we ran across.

Anyways, the night proceeded as follows:

Arrive, throw our stuff in our respective cabins (we had two sleeping cabins and one party cabin)
Start the night off with tequila shots
BBQ up some burgers and hot dogs
More shots
Play Kings. Lots of drinking and shots.
More drinking.

Then people started falling down. Sister, for some reason, decided that she was going to try to go to sleep... outside in the gravel. So I finally managed to get her off the ground and into the cabin to sleep. Next thing you know, her future step-cousin-in-law (or something to that effect) was needing to go to bed. Cut to her bending down to pick up her flashlight and falling on her face. Literally. ON HER FACE. There was blood. Quite a bit of it. Then we get HER into a cabin and she falls on her butt and hits her head on a chair. Good times. 
Next thing you know, it's just me and Sister's future step MIL. CLeaning up and going to bed. I was in my cabin ready for bed by 11:30.

What a night.

The next morning there was a lot of hunger-over-ness on the part of a few people. However we still managed to get a few of us out on our mini hike, which was nice. 
Then it was back home to reality.


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Lin said...

What a great & one of a kind bachelorette weekend! Love the photo of the booze/munchie table, that's where I'd be all weekend haha.